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Howard Northrup, LMT

Health Coaching Client Testimonials

I thought it would be helpful for people who haven't hired me for my Health Coaching yet to hear what my current clients have to say. If you haven't had my Health Coaching yet and have questions about it or any of these testimonials, feel free to e-mail me at

                                                                            - Howard


Pre- & Post-Surgery Support program

"At age 69, I found myself facing a surgery that would require general anesthesia and about six weeks recovery time. Howard Northrup, my health coach, taught me about a combination of supplement and vitamin protocols that nationally-recognized doctors recommend to their patients who are planning to have surgery. Howard suggested that I consider following it, starting 6 weeks before my surgery and continuing for 6 weeks post-surgery. Part of the protocol addressed the damage that anesthesia does to one’s body. Howard provided me with blank calendar pages so that I could keep track of what to take, how much to take and when to start or stop these supplements. I was also able to include any instructions from my surgeon on these calendar pages. Howard also strongly suggested that I take advantage of the local IV Therapy protocol, specifically the Myers Cocktail, one week before and one week after surgery. My surgeon would administer the same cocktail during my surgery.

I followed all the instructions and advice from Howard and I am delighted to report that I sailed through the event with minimal anxiety prior to surgery and little, if any, pain and discomfort after surgery. Most importantly and amazingly, I bounced back to my normal energy level much sooner than anticipated. 

Howard has been instrumental in teaching me about the vitamin and supplement daily routine that's best for me. This subject can be very confusing, given the amount of information we are inundated with on the internet. He does the research and I benefit.

I think it is important to point out that Howard does not “sell” any products, nor does he have any connection, other than his referral to IV Therapy at one local company, which gives a discount to Howard's coaching clients . He guides me as to which brands are best and where they can be found. 

Howard’s guidance has been paramount to my good health and well being, especially during this time of pandemic and paranoia. Thank you Howard for helping to keep me healthy and sane."

- Donna G., Melbourne, Florida


If you've had my Health Coaching and have something you'd like to share about it with others, please e-mail your comments to the address below and I'll add that to this Client Testimonials page. Also, let me know how you want me to quote you--either your first name and last initial with your city (e.g. Howard N., Satellite Beach) or just your initials (e.g. H.N., Satellite Beach).

Thank you for your feedback! It helps me to continually become a better Health Coach.

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