Massage Appointment Schedule
Melbourne & Titusville Offices                                                                                  

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at Natural Approach Acupuncture & Massage, Melbourne
    (House Call appointments also available)

1PM to 7PM


House Call appointments available
10AM to 8PM 


at Anita Spitz, MD office, Titusville
10AM to 5PM
Titusville - (321) 383-0112


House Call appointments available
6PM to 8PM


at Natural Approach  Acupuncture & Massage, Melbourne
(House Call appointments also available)

10AM to 7PM


at Natural Approach Acupuncture  & Massage, Melbourne

10AM to 7PM 


House Calls by appointment only with 20% surcharge



If you'd like to request either an office appointment at 
Natural Approach or a House Call appointment for a future date
click here to e-mail Howard.

Home Massage Party - call for availability

Workplace Massage - call for availability


Please call or text Howard's cell phone at 
(321) 258-1201 or e-mail him at:

to schedule all House Call 
or Natural Approach appointments. 

(for appointments at Dr. Spitz' office, call (321) 383-0112)

Howard Northrup, LMT

(321) 258-1201

MA# 35627