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Workplace Massage


Howard Northrup, LMT

A special treat for hard-working people!   Take a short break from work to enjoy a relaxing massage by a licensed professional and then return to work refreshed and rejuvenated! Workplace Massage with Howard Northrup is available on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one-time basis.



What is a Workplace Massage?


Many companies are learning the benefits of offering workplace massage to their employees—at Boeing and Reebok, for example, complaints of headaches, back strain and fatigue fell since the companies started bringing in massage therapists.


Workplace Massage is becoming increasingly popular, in part because of its convenience to the working person. Companies of just a few employees to ones with thousands are having a Licensed Massage Therapist visit weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to bring the many benefits of massage directly to their employees.

With just a 15-minute break from the workday, Workplace Massage can provide relief from stress, headaches, tense muscles, and quite a few common conditions.

In a study conducted by Bowling Green State University to evaluate the effectiveness of a 15-minute on-site massage while seated in a chair on reducing stress as indicated by blood pressure, it showed a significant reduction in participants' blood pressure after receiving the massage1.

How does it work?

On your designated Workplace Massage day, Howard brings a portable Desktop Massage Support (pictured below) that he will set up and adjust for each employee’s comfort at his or her desk or at a table.

This device sets up solidly on any desk or table top, providing balanced support to the employee's head and chest. It allows the employee to relax into a comfortable fully clothed position so Howard can massage any or all of the following:

                               - neck
                               - shoulders
                               - low back
                               - arms
                               - hands


Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches from tense neck muscles can be significantly improved with just 15 minutes of massage with Howard. But if necessary, the employee can schedule a double 15-minute session to allow more time for him to work on a specific problem area.


         1Cady, S. H., & Jones, G. E. (1997). Massage therapy as a workplace intervention for reduction of stress. Perceptual & Motor Skills, 84, 157-158.


4 Steps for Setting Up a Workplace Massage:


1.    Download and post the Workplace Massage Flyer (editable version: Workplace Massage flyer) and Interest Signup form for the employees at your company with a deadline to sign up if they are interested. 


2.    After you decide on some days and start times that work best for your employees, contact Howard about one or two weeks in advance to assure that he can get you scheduled. (Hint: payday or the next day are popular days for Workplace Massage) Once you have a confirmed date, download and post the Sign Up Schedule form.  The employees can then sign up into time slots within a block of time that will be alotted for them. 


3. We require a minimum of six employees signed up for 15-minute or 30-minute massages and a maximum of seven total hours of massages in one day between 10AM and 5PM (for example, a maximum of 21 employees signed up for 15-minute massages each). Howard will check with you a day or two prior to the scheduled Workplace Massage day to confirm that enough employees have signed up to meet the minimum required.


4.    A day or two before the scheduled Workplace Massage day, a reminder message should be sent to all employees who signed up  to remind them of their massage appointments.





Rates - Workplace Massage can be either a 15-minute or 30-minute massage.  A 15-minute massage costs $15.00 and a 30-minute massage costs $30.00.  



Payment - Cash or Check only. Either the company can pay the therapist for the total of all employee's massages or each employee can pay the therapist directly for his or her massage before beginning the massage.





Contact Information:



Call Licensed Massage Therapist Howard Northrup at the number listed below


e-mail him here.


Howard Northrup, LMT
MA# 35627
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